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Beyond Binary Gender

Reflections on the Light!

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What does Islam mean to you?
Is it obedience to a Sheikh or Imam?
or is it Attunement with the 'Lord of the Worlds'?

And what is "Attunement"?
...It is having Attention,
Seeing the Beauty of Allah's Creation,
Feeling compassionate Love!

If you are a Sheikh or Imam yourself reading this; Do you want Muslims to be obedient to you in religion?   If you do, please examine your motives very carefully, because the Love and Light of Allah which nourishes us to grow Spiritually, is totally independent of anything of this earthly world.   The Love and Light of Allah will reach us even if we are all alone on a desert island, or alone in the darkest prison, or alone on the highest mountain, or live in a tribe in the deepest jungle, or what ever human language we understand, or what ever impediment of hearing we may have, or what ever faith we follow, the Love and Light of Allah is totally independent of anything of this earthly world, it is Spiritual.   All that is needed is to be Silent, let Allah reach our hearts, feel the 'Love and Light' enter.
- The true meaning of 'Dhikr' (Zikr)

It follows that we cannot teach Spirituality, the best of us can only inspire!

The purest objective for a Sheikh or Imam is to promote Peace and overcome all forms of ignorance and prejudice in society. What could be higher service than that?

The purest objective for ALL Muslims is to absorb the Love and Light from Allah and genuinely grow spiritually to such an extent, that evil can no longer touch us, rising to become immune to evil, and because of that, can serve Allah and do so many good works in the most difficult of places.

Everything starts with a Thought; Your Intention!

If it is genuine it will cross-check!   Meaning that if the same conclusion can be arrived at by completely different methods that are entirely different to each other, then it gives very strong evidence to the absolute truth of that conclusion!   For instance; in the reform of religious dogma: We can look with fresh eyes at the Holy Qur’an without clouding it with dubious hadith, then we can see if this cross-checks with what we can learn from the higher levels in the Spirit world by becoming aware of Spirit for ourselves!   We can again cross-check the truth of our understanding by logic, seeing what the fruits of any action will be; will it cause hurt to any part of creation? is it fair to all of creation? is it fair to both genders? because if it is not fair, then it is not from Allah.

Religion, Belief and Spirituality are not the same thing :
  • 'Religion' on its own is just a 'Cultural Society' held together by Laws and Traditions! …A person can Identify as being very religious while having very little Love and Light within them, a religious person can be capable of killing and maiming to protect their religion, so 'that religion', cannot be from 'The God' that created both themselves AND their enemies! But 'religion' can also be a wonderful movement to unite people, supporting us when we are vulnerable, and joining us together for praise.
  • 'Belief' is a psychological state of mind, independent of actual truth; again, two different religious factions can fight and kill each other both 'believing' that they hold the truth, so logic dictates that they cannot both be right! The supporters of two different football teams may both 'believe' they will win, impossible however, so 'belief' is independent of actual truth!
  • 'Spirituality' is all you take with you when you die and make your transition to the spirit world. It is the level of spirit progression that you have achieved, the extent to which your Spirit has grown in love and light. But spirituality is internal within each individual; yes there is much compassion for our neighbours in spirituality, but no bonding into a Community, Society or Nation: that takes Religion and common belief!
So am I saying that the Religion of Islam is unnecessary?  NO, I am not saying that, what I am saying is keep it in proportion!   Religion is only a 'Guide' to get a large mass of people to live in harmony together in a way that focuses them on the Creator, and for this large mass of people to stop doing the cruelties that they previously practised in the name of religion!   So please don't worship the 'Guide' (religion) instead of Allah!

The Religion of Islam has a very valuable and necessary role to build the sort of Just Society that spiritual people want to live in and raise their children in; 'Religion' supports Family life, which is so vitally important to a healthy society, but 'Religion' is not the same as spiritual understanding. Religious teachings can only VERIFY what we already understand in our heart: we cannot grow spiritually from religious teachings! It is the difference between knowing something and being it. Spiritual growth comes from within, fed directly to our heart by Allah,   The Lord and Cherisher who Creates.

Arabic text from the Qur'an
"Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from Error: whoever rejects Evil and acknowledges Allah has grasped the most trustworthy handhold that will never break. Allah hears and knows all things."
Qur'an 2 : 256

"Islam" or just belief?

May I respectfully suggest; we can never understand Islam until we understand Gender!   …because to understand the Qur'an, first we need to link spiritually with Allah (It does not matter what name we know: Allah, God, The Source, The Creator, The Great-Spirit etc.)

To link spiritually with Allah, we have by necessity to be at-whole with our own spirit-self. That means both sides of ourselves together: the male side and the female side together and whole – exactly the same as in everybody's Spirit (Ruh); be they man or woman!

Like this, and only like this, can we connect to the Spiritual. Like this, and only like this, can we therefore understand what Islam really is: "Bringing oneself into harmony with the loving creative force of the Universe."

…I can say the words: "Islam is in the being – not about believing stuff!"   But with respect; do you understand without linking spiritually yourself?   …So first understand Gender, and then relax and be-whole with yourself, so in the quietness of your meditation and prayer, you may link spiritually with The Source: Allah   (the true meaning of 'Zikr')

This is how you will correctly understand Islam and the Qur'an – direct from 'The Source'.

How do we behave, when faced with something new to us?

Dodgy Text Books?

Religious oppression - the same as political oppression; are both based on regimes forcing false information onto people!   ...Please question the text books!

"If it is genuine it will cross check"   Some text-books are OK, some are wrong!

The two areas for Muslims with the greatest mis-information are about the Afterlife, and about the Gender roles between men and women.

Harsh 'Islamic' Regimes

Some distortions to the Islamic faith are due to ignorant mixing with ethnic cultures, but other distortions are deliberate from the outside!   Check-out the history of certain regimes, and as with investigating true agendas in politics; follow the money trail.

...'Original Islam' was a very social-spiritual religion!

QUR'AN - Common Translation Errors

As all words have various connotations, it is very difficult to find appropriate words in translation that have matching connotations. Much has been copied by Scholars without thinking; so pulling-in errors of other religions. Only the Arabic original Qur'an is pure.

   "Islam" is usually translated: "Submission", but this is a poor translation… When someone holds a gun to our head we submit – this is Not the way of The-God in Islam!
A better translation of 'Islam' would be: 'Bringing oneself into harmony with the Loving Creative Force of the Universe', or if that is too long: 'At oneness with The Source'.

   "Taqwa" is often translated as: "God-Fearing", but this again is not accurate, it should be "God-Consciousness" as there should be no 'Fear' of our Creator and Sustainer.
'Fear' is NOT one of the 99 names of The-God,   ...but 'Love' is! (Al-Wadud)

   "Oh you who believe" should be: "Oh you who acknowledge", because to 'believe' in something it must be separate from ourselves! Whereas The-God is Not separate from us; we are all of God!   There must be No possible connotation of The-God being separate from people or the Universe.

   "Allah" is usually translated "God" and referred to as 'he'. This is not accurate as the word 'Allah' is actually Al-Ilah, which means"The-God". Notice God is addressed as 'The', not he or she or it!

These translation corrections make enormous difference spiritually and psychologically!

Youth and drugs

Teenagers are naturally so full of energy, their Spirit-within is also beginning to stir looking for exhilaration and ecstasy, something within them is happening but they don't understand what, which again is natural at their age, but instead of being guided to Spiritual ecstasy - which is also natural, all they know is this Materialistic world with a Religion that is boring and demands their strict obedience, so what happens? They turn to a false 'material' relief to their inner stirrings, and take drugs and alcohol, one of these drugs is even called "ecstasy!"   Sport is very good at absorbing some of their energies, but still something within them remains unquenched, it is their Spirit stirring!

Religion should not be a one-size-fits-all mould to force people into obedience, but like an open ladder, there to let people climb whenever their Spirit-within stirs!

Heaven and Hell (Jannah and Jahanam)

There are whole Islamic Libraries full of books purporting to have Hadith and Sunnah that entice Muslims about Heaven, and terrorise us regarding Hell – but logically, anything 'religious' that is not fair, then it is not from Allah!   and anything that promises something material, be it gold as a prize, or fire as a punishment, then it cannot refer literally to the Spirit-World where material things have got no value!   Similarly, all the Hadith about 'pressure of the grave' is very dubious because no Spirit has ever spoken of this, even though we can communicate with Spirits and have so many of their detailed accounts!   Also the Hadith about Non-Muslims being severely punished in the afterlife is distorted truth; it is what you are in your heart that is important, not what is said on the lips!   So what then is the devious motive in all these text-books?   Please separate the truth from the false, and don't let ignorance ruin our Religion: our Religion in its pure form has so much to offer this troubled world.


What is Prayer for? Is it about 'worship', or is it about asking for 'help', or could it be for something else?   Firstly to whom are we making the Prayer? Is it to Allah - the Great Spirit, or is it to one of Allah's prophets like Mohammad, Jesus or Abraham, may peace and blessings be upon them? Or is it to a special person in history like a Saint? Or is it to a special person alive today, like a religious leader?

A Spiritualists understanding of a 'Prayer' is that it is 'reaching and linking-in' or connecting on a spiritual level of thought with whatever we are praying to.   We can actually link with anything or anyone that has a Spirit!   BUT we can only get a 'reply' that we can 'grow spiritually', from The God of Love and Light; Allah.   The 'reply' comes in the stillness immediately after the prayer when we are still spiritually linked, when we are quiet, open and receptive. It is our moment of true meditation, when something flows from Allah to our very soul: to our Spirit, from this spiritual sustenance, our Spirit grows in understanding, grows in love, grows in peace, grows in strength.

From that understanding of Prayer, two critical points arise: If our intention of the prayer is to any person in addition to Allah, (that even includes our dear Prophet), then we don't link to the source of the sustenance!   As the food that makes our spirit grow only comes from our Creator alone.   Secondly, if we are not still and quiet in meditation immediately after the Prayer, then we have lost it, as we are no longer receptive.   Having said these two key points, then other issues like the form, style and words or the Prayer are much less important, so long as we can 'connect' on a spiritual level with our Creator, even just for that brief moment or two, and then 'Receive' from Allah, the God of Love and Light, The Great Spirit.

Before starting our prayer (Salah) we get "Wudu", in spiritualist terms this is 'grounding' before we start to link with The Great Spirit!   Also in spiritualist terms; white dress for prayer is the 'white cloak' of protection!   ("If it is genuine it will cross-check!")

The five Muslim prayers (Salah) at their special times of the day, can provide a wonderful opportunity for the spiritual growth of Muslims, if we let it!   The optional extra prayer in the silence of the night that our Prophet performed (Tahajjud), can take this even higher!

Arabic text from the Qur'an
Say: Truly, my prayer and my service of sacrifice, my life and my death, are (all) for Allah, Lord of the Worlds.
Qur'an 6 : 162

Planet Earth viewed from space   "ISLAM"
  Attunement with the
  'Lord of the Worlds'!

  Allah Created ALL the peoples of the Worlds!

  Why Kill ??

However, Spiritualists will never tell you what you should believe; you must reach your own understanding, and only accept that which appeals to your reason!

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