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Concepts for Pioneers

New Video Documentary...
     "REALITY IS CHANGE  -  Our Kids deserve Better!"

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"Life is a Journey, not a destination,
Reality is Change"

A short documentary by J M Boardman introducing 'The Big Design' - explained with suppressed ideas in physics and also between the polarities in society - The universal key being Gender Balance!   Holistic thinking is the only way to sustainable world Peace, but there is evidence of military misuse of the new physics.

28 minutes, made in 2017

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"Outwards and Inwards" Video Presentations

These 2 full length PowerPoint presentations by J.M.Boardman were recorded in 2013.
1280 x 720p resolution, mp4 (H.264)

Episode 1 Thumb-nail Episode 1 - Science and Spiritual (76 minutes running time)
...Beyond the orthodox and why...
...Unify the concepts before trying to unify the maths...
...Assembly of underpinning theory for pioneers...

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Episode 2 Thumb-nail Episode 2 - Time and Flow (144 minutes running time)
...Taking the concepts further...
...Design intent, 3D Time and 3D Counter-Space...
...Explaining Bi-Directional flow...

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PDF Written Documents

Beyond Physics : The Revolution of Mahdi - PDF eBook

Jameela's Journey - revised 2017 - PDF eBook

'The New Science' by Wilbert B Smith (1962)   (from Rex Research)