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Gender is the Key to advanced Green technologies and Peace

Diagram showing One divided into Two curves, then rejoing back into One again


Beyond Physics

Between the Opposites -

Probing the Mind Based Universe of Divided Motion

Depicting the essential development through divided opposites - to again rejoin into One: notice there are two modes of symmetry!   More

"Be True - Be Balanced"

     ABOUT US — Checking, Cross-checking, then Fitting Together

"AL-RUH" means "The Spirit" in Arabic.   We are an Independent, web-based network of like-minds and enquirers, it is a collaboration bringing together many diverse inputs. The Arabic word "Ruh" (Spirit) is also synonymous with the Hebrew "Ruàch", meaning "Wind" in the metaphysical context. ...Unifying Division! ...Independent Sufi Spiritualists


The assertion is that the Universe is Mind based...  Purely by Divine thinking, Creation is manifested by simultaneous outwards and inwards 'thoughts' from Consciousness. Though they are just 'Thoughts', they are "Real" for anything else also made of "Thought"! ...Initially the 'Thoughts' are subtle, but they progressively become more polarized and rigid.   These simultaneous (Thought) motions are: scalar outward expansion at the speed of light, and scalar inward contraction also at the speed of light. ...A photon does not move itself, rather it is stationary within space that is moving outwards. Similarly, gravity is not contracting inwards itself, rather space is moving inwards.   All "fundamental forces" are products of scalar motion.

These "motions" are the inseparable Ratio between what we perceive as 'space' and 'time'.   Scalar motion is quite different to familiar Vector motion!   Both "motions" are linear and rotary.   Mathematically, there must be an inverse to the 'space' and 'time' known to us; responsible for some psi phenomena.   Everything that is, to a greater or lesser complexity, is built-up from this simultaneous opposites principle. Gender is the key! The whole Universe therefore existed in "Idea" as the "Great Unmanifest" before any dimension of motion was manifested into the physical realm.

This is all in contradistinction to orthodox theory which believes the Universe to be somehow created within a framework of 'spacetime'.   ...We strongly disagree!

A Fusion of Spiritual and Green Aims

Extraordinary lives and extraordinary insights! - Both personal, and also in the recorded writings of others - insights based on Gender Balance: The 'Tao' of Yin and Yang.

Modern Day True Experiential Sufis

There are two sides or roots to AL-RUH: the technically creative "Jameela Designs" working on solar and alternative energy, and a life-long search into Spirituality and Gender; which included Islam and Spiritualism - each 'root' progressed to have its own separate website.   However, these two 'roots' increasingly got closer together with investigations into the séance room phenomena of physical mediumship; (e.g. intelligently controlled matter passing through matter!) which led to probing the undefined area between physics and metaphysics - the research continues!   We are currently researching the underpinning principles behind unconventional-technologies relating to an understanding of the construction of the Universe that is compatible with all spiritual phenomena - rather than just the purely materialistic approach of orthodox Science.   ...We subscribe to the 'Reciprocal System' of Physical Theory by D.B.Larson and 'The New Science' by W.B.Smith, amongst other insights. facts & theories

Legacy Science or Holistic Science?

Physics experimentation is true research: Mathematical modelling is true analysis, but because the full 'Reality' is not seen by Physics alone - this incompleteness can lead to wrong conclusions in theoretical-science!   ...The empirical philosophy and practical experiments of Spiritualism over the last 160 years, are in many ways the Keystone of a bridge between Science and Spiritual!   (but the 'Keystone' alone is not the bridge!)

...Only by putting seeming opposites together; can we reach to a higher Plane!

J M Boardman

* One Universe - One Mind *

As Technology advances,
So too must Spirituality
- To Keep Balance!


There are at least 11 completely different verifiable Unconventional-Technology free-energy devices, all of which contradict the existing "Laws of Physics":
  1. The Australian 'Joe Cell' (car connected to special water cell - no fuel)
  2. Bedini Motors (pulsed electronics)
  3. Lutec (rotating magnets)
  4. Stan Meyer (water splitter that is not electrolysis)
  5. Jim Griggs (water hammer over unity device)
  6. Hutchison Effect (Levitation, atomic-disintegration, Zero point energy)
  7. Moray Valve (cosmic radiant energy)
  8. Paul Pantone GEET (I.C. engine running on 'impossible' fuel)
  9. Bruce De Palma N-machine (self driving Faraday homopolar generator)
  10. Testatika (Swiss community self driving windhurst machine)
  11. Nicola Tesla's radiant energy field - developed in USSR by Chenetski
There is also a list of "curious phenomena" that is also unexplained by the existing laws of physics: Physical Mediumship, Mental Mediumship, Water Dowsing, Mineral Dowsing, Psychometry, Astral Travel, Remote Viewing, Remote Influencing, Spiritual Healing, Animal Magnetism, Ritual Magic, Alchemical Transmutation, Tornado Time/Space Discontinuities, Mental Time/Space Discontinuities, Reverse Speech, Historically Repeated Similarities, Synchronicity, Water Memory in Ice Crystals, Ball Lightning, Crude Oil is Not Fossil, Chi Energy, Prana Breath, The Sun's Hydrogen Transmutation at its surface, Pyramid phenomena, Lightning turning Milk Sour, Major & Minor Music Chords affecting Emotions, Orgone and its negative counterpart DOR, Uri Geller spoon bending.

Therefore the existing 'materialist' version of physics, even when extended by non-local Quantum Reality theories, are still inadequate to explain the full nature of the Universe!

...The 'Psychic-Mind' and the 'Physical' are connected!   More

Psychical phenomena is Quantum behaviour at the Macro scale!
(e.g. super-position, non-locality, entanglement, de-coherence)

Mystical insights that explain the construction of the Universe in a much more coherent manner do exist, especially with regards to the spiritual phenomena - including that of: Walter Russell, Dion Fortune, Wilbert B. Smith and Dewey B. Larson.

AL-RUH Learning Centre' therefore, is for the mutual sharing of related understandings.
Strategy for Peace

COVERT TECHNOLOGIES?  Is it only private researchers who probe beyond university science? ...Who take seriously what our "learned" dismiss? - Compartmentalization in our professions keeps bright people ignorant of the whole. - Grant funding directs orthodox research to the agenda of the paymasters.   ...Yet it seems there are other Agencies who have bypassed the system; who have developed aspects of higher knowledge with intent to covertly misuse, and with devastating effect?   The fact that secret technologies exist but are being misused; proves that some people have got hold of stuff they are not ready for - in evolutionary terms!   more

"We Reap what we Sow"

...In true Spiritual Reality, there is no such thing as 'anomalous phenomena'
...these words refer to human incomplete comprehension!
Therefore make space for fluidity in your mind by including a sense of Awe!

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